the N

The 'government' group

These nouns refer to a government, branch of government, or official or national organization.
The fire brigade was called.
The opposition leader has urged the government to make greater efforts to curb Britain's contribution to global warming.
The party is unlikely to win overall control of the legislature, even if it forges an alliance with other left-wing or nationalist groups.
When Brian left the Navy he didn't turn his back on the water.
  • administration
  • air force
  • army
  • authorities
  • chancellery
  • Civil Service
  • coastguard
  • diplomatic corps
  • diplomatic service
  • emergency services
  • establishment
  • executive
  • fire brigade
  • fire department
  • fire service
  • Foreign Office
  • fuzz
  • government
  • judiciary
  • legislature
  • military
  • navy
  • paras
  • police
  • Politburo
  • Post Office
  • secret police
  • state
  • system
  • treasury
  • vice squad
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