under N

The 'attack' group

These nouns refer to a situation in which someone is being attacked, imprisoned, or restricted. In the case of attack, fire, and threat, it may be a thing, rather than a person, that is being attacked or threatened.
About a dozen military officers involved in the December coup attempt are now under arrest.
The government is under attack from the opposition for failing to predict the problem.
In 1992, his work came under another barrage of criticism in the French press.
Throughout the Americas, many native cultures are crumbling under the onslaught of outside pressures.
Other local populations of species are also under threat of extinction.
Many died under torture, others committed suicide.
  • under arrest
  • under assault
  • under attack (from ...)
  • under bombardment
  • under curfew
  • under duress
  • under escort
  • under fire
  • under guard
  • under house arrest
  • under provocation
  • under sanctions
  • under sentence of death
  • under siege
  • under threat (of ...)
  • under torture
  • under a barrage (of ...)
  • under a curse
  • under an embargo
  • under ... onslaught /under the onslaught of ...
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