V against n

The 'compete' group

These verbs are concerned with opposing someone, competing with someone, or doing something to harm someone. We include here draw, lose, prevail, win, win out, and win through, which indicate the result of a contest.
Some of these verbs are reciprocal verbs and have a plural Subject in this pattern (see Chapter 6).
The competition gave junior players the chance to compete against members of other clubs.
When I started at college, all the girls in my class seemed to gang up against me and talk and laugh about me.
I can't wait to play against them because we are capable of giving United a real run for their money.
She also began to have aggressive and murderous thoughts about her family, thinking that they were plotting against her.
The two MPs had always had a private understanding that they would not stand against each other in any leadership contest.
We can win against good teams and have done so. We just have to do it again.
The verb stack up usually has this pattern in a question beginning with how.
A favorite theme of Perot's was how the US stacks up against its foreign competitors.
  • battle
  • compete
  • connive
  • conspire
  • discriminate
  • draw
  • fight
  • lose
  • mutiny
  • play
  • plot
  • prevail
  • race
  • rebel
  • retaliate
  • revolt
  • rise
  • run
  • scheme
  • side
  • sin
  • spy
  • stand
  • testify
  • vie
  • win
  • fight back
  • gang up
  • rise up
  • win out
  • win through
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