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The 'probable' group

These adjectives indicate that something is likely or unlikely to happen. They are used with verbs such as make. The adjective certain is very frequently used in this way.
All his friends also backed him, making it certain that he will face no immediate challenge to his party's leadership.
When Tommy Smith, a childhood sweetheart, reappears on leave from the war, Annie falls in love but then discovers a secret about her past which makes it impossible that they should ever marry.
All these adjectives except certain and inevitable are also used with verbs such as think.
He thought it probable that they were taking many more less able students into the school than they used to.
She had promised to ring her mother that evening, she remembered, but thought it unlikely that she would do so.
  • certain
  • doubtful
  • impossible
  • improbable
  • inevitable
  • likely
  • possible
  • probable
  • unlikely
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