v it ADJ to-inf

The 'important' group

These adjectives indicate that an action is judged to be important or necessary, or not. They are used with verbs such as believe.
If a commander thinks it essential to destroy something right away, he will send bombers.
I thought it important to make Michelle feel at home while she was staying with my family.
Why it was thought necessary to chain her in the first place I do not know.
Necessary occurs very frequently with find.
When he had been engaged to Elizabeth he had found it necessary to apologize to her at least once a day.
These adjectives are also used with verbs such as make. Necessary is used particularly frequently.
The lack of dairy products makes it necessary to find alternative sources of calcium, such as soya milk, sesame seeds, almonds and some cereals.
  • compulsory
  • crucial
  • essential
  • imperative
  • important
  • mandatory
  • necessary
  • unnecessary
  • vital
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