v-link ADJ

Other patterns

Most adjectives which are sometimes used after link verbs can also be used in one or more of the patterns below.
1 Some adjectives are used after verbs which are used to describe a change of quality or state but are not regarded as true link verbs because they have a complete meaning in themselves.
William was also caught but managed to struggle free and run for cover.
Allow the sugar to set hard.
The door slammed shut.
2 Most adjectives which have the pattern v-link ADJ can also be used after a verb group and a noun group, as in It's driving me crazy. This pattern is v n ADJ (see Section 82, Productive uses).
Active voice: v n as ADJSome adjectives are used after a verb, a noun group, and the preposition as. This pattern is v n as ADJ.
 verb groupnoun groupasAdjective group
Passive voice: be v-ed as ADJThe pattern be v-ed as ADJ is used when saying what someone thinks of a person or thing.
 verb groupasAdjective group
His conditionwas describedasstable.
If this tale had been written as a novel it would have been dismissed as absurd.
I regarded them as dangerous.
4 Adjectives which are followed by a prepositional phrase or clause which is part of the adjective group can be used directly after a noun, as in people willing to help (see Section 83).
5 Many adjectives are used after an indefinite pronoun, such as someone, anything, or nobody, or an indefinite adverb, such as anywhere or nowhere. This pattern is pron-indef/adv-indef ADJ.
For someone so clever, she's amazingly good at getting herself in a pickle.
Finding somewhere decent to live and staying solvent are likely to be your biggest non-academic challenges during your time as a student.
I already had a night club so the nights were sorted, but there was nowhere different and interesting I could spend my days.
I didn't go anywhere exciting.
I have just seen something very funny.
I've never seen her do anything outrageous.
There was no one visible in the room.
6 Conversion note: Inserted number. The adjective may have its own pattern. For example, a comparative adjective may be used with than and a noun group.
I can't think of anything more cynical than people who would risk a great deal of lives just to see if their weapons work.
It would grant permits to anyone older than 21 who has not been convicted of a felony.
Next week we'll be looking at nothing smaller than the structure of the universe.

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