V n between/among pl-n

Structure information

The noun group following the verb is the Object, and the prepositional phrase is an Adjunct. This structure has a passive, with the pattern be V-ed between/among pl-n. The prepositional phrase is an Adjunct. Though the prepositional phrase in this structure usually comes after the noun group, it sometimes comes before it, especially when the noun gorups is a long one.
She counted among her personal friends some of the most distinguished painters of the day.
There are four phrasal verbs with this structure, carve up, divide up, share out, and split up. The active patterns are V n P between/among pl-nand V P n (not pron) between/among pl-n. The Object comes either between the verb and the particle, or after the particle. If the Object comes after the particle, it cannot be a personal pronoun. You say
He split it up between the children
He split up the money between the children
but you do not say He split up it between the children.The passive pattern is be V-ed P between/among pl-n.

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