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II.7 The 'impinge' group

These verbs are concerned with affecting or beginning to affect someone or something, often negatively. The Subject often refers to a worrying thought or situation. We include here grate and jar, where the effect is very negative.
All these problems seem to be crowding in on him right now.
A gloomy silence once again descended on the room.
There was an edge to her voice that grated on Gretchen's nerves.
Sometimes the thought of my husband's wartime ordeals weighed on me dreadfully.
Most of these verbs are sometimes followed by upon instead of on, especially act, fall, impact, impinge, and weigh.
It was perhaps the first time that public affairs had impinged upon him in a personal way.
  • act
  • descend
  • fall
  • grate
  • impact
  • impinge
  • jar
  • press
  • prey
  • tell
  • weigh
  • creep up
  • crowd in
  • sneak up
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