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II.8 The 'intrude' group

These verbs are concerned with interrupting someone or something, or getting involved in something, sometimes when this is unwelcome.
They would like the Czechs to come in on this, but they are hesitating.
They wrote letters from time to time, but did not intrude on his privacy.
European governments are thus rightly wary of allowing the commission to muscle in on such projects.
If you were to walk in on the person you love, and they were with somebody else, what would you feel?
The verbs encroach, infringe, and intrude are sometimes followed by upon instead of on.
'Oh, Dr. Stockton, I'm not trying to encroach upon your duties,' Houston said, smiling blandly.
  • encroach
  • infringe
  • intrude
  • trespass
  • barge in
  • break in
  • butt in
  • come in
  • cut in
  • get in
  • move in
  • muscle in
  • sit in
  • walk in
  • weigh in
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