V on n

II.9 The 'pounce' group

These verbs are concerned with attacking or harming someone, or treating them in a bad or hostile way. This includes:
    physically attacking someone
    criticizing someone
    stopping someone's activities
A new scheme has been launched by police to crack down on youngsters who play truant.
The girl, who was pounced on while waiting for a train, was treated in hospital for head wounds.
Speaker after speaker rounded on ministers from the floor, with an Edinburgh GP saying the party appeared to have lost the confidence of its own supporters.
Many of these verbs are sometimes followed by upon instead of on, especially fire, pounce, prey, and turn. Set is nearly always followed by upon.
They prey upon the community and are, in turn, preyed upon by its most perverted and malign forces.
I took the short cut, over the fields, and I was set upon by a gang of boys.
  • dump
  • fire
  • jump
  • lean
  • pounce
  • prey
  • round
  • set
  • stamp
  • swoop
  • trample
  • turn
  • clamp down
  • come down
  • crack down
  • gang up
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