V on n

II.17 The 'work' group

These verbs are concerned with working. The prepositional phrase indicates what the work relates to.
He was operated on immediately and the assailant's knife removed from his back.
The verb collaborate is a reciprocal verb (see Chapter 6), and has a plural Subject with this pattern.
After his return to Edinburgh, we collaborated on a musical version of Kingsley Amis's 'Lucky Jim'.
In the case of collaborate and work, the preposition on is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
A spokesperson said British diplomats were working on solving these problems.
  • collaborate
  • experiment
  • operate
  • toil
  • work
  • beaver away
  • toil away
  • The verb collaborate also has the patterns V with n on n and V on n with n (see Chapter 6).

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