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II.19 The 'feed' group

These verbs are concerned with eating or consuming something. We include here drag, draw, puff, and pull, which are concerned with smoking, and choke and overdose, which are concerned with the harmful effects of consuming something.
He chewed on his toast, taking his time.
She had nearly choked on the tiny nibble of wedding cake she had tasted.
Slugs feed on decaying plant and animal material, as well as living plant material such as seedlings and flowers.
If you haven't pigged out on the starters, there is a selection of more than 25 main courses to choose from.
'So what are the options?' Mr Clarke asks, puffing on his small cigar.
Some of these verbs are occasionally followed by upon instead of on, especially feast and feed.
Mrs Drake wondered if an alligator was feasting upon Leo's fish.
  • binge
  • browse
  • chew
  • choke
  • crunch
  • dine
  • drag
  • draw
  • feast
  • feed
  • gnaw
  • gorge
  • live
  • munch
  • nibble
  • overdose
  • puff
  • pull
  • snack
  • suck
  • fill up
  • munch away
  • nibble away
  • pig out
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