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II.23 The 'focus' group

These verbs are concerned with having or starting to have a particular thing as your focus of attention. A number of these verbs have someone's eyes as the Subject.
As he sipped his drink, his eye fell on a child's alphabet chart lying on the table.
Chomsky's work tends to focus on well-studied languages like English rather than languages from far afield.
Critics have zeroed in on his plan to raise gasoline taxes every year for five years.
These verbs are sometimes followed by upon instead of on.
The film centres upon two prisoners: Gerry Conlon and his father Giuseppe.
In the case of centre, concentrate, and focus,the preposition on (or upon) is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
He gave up his party duties to concentrate on clearing his name.
  • alight (Your eyes)
  • centre
  • concentrate
  • fall (Your eyes)
  • fasten
  • fix (Your eyes)
  • focus
  • rest (Your eyes)
  • settle (Your eyes)
  • home in
  • zero in
  • zoom in
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