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II.1 The 'comment' group

These verbs are concerned with speaking or writing. The prepositional phrase indicates the topic of the speaking or writing. We include here verbs such as legislate, rule, and vote, which are concerned with expressing your decision or judgement about something.
The government has not yet commented on his release.
They are not supposed to interfere in local politics but can report back on what is going on.
Parliament is due to vote on the peace plan soon.
Many of these verbs are sometimes followed by upon instead of on, especially comment, dwell, pronounce, remark, report, touch, and vote.
The question of prisoners of war will no doubt be touched upon by the two foreign ministers.
In the case of advise and vote, the preposition on is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
Councillors will vote on banning smoking around the council's civic centre.
In the case of the following verbs, the preposition on (or upon) is sometimes followed by a wh-clause: adjudicate,advise, comment, discourse, dwell, pronounce, report, report back,rule, touch, vote.
The ex-CEO declined to comment on why he left the company and said he doesn't yet know what he will be doing.
  • adjudicate
  • advise
  • comment
  • commentate
  • counsel
  • discourse
  • dwell
  • generalize
  • harp on
  • lecture
  • legislate
  • philosophize
  • pontificate
  • preach
  • pronounce
  • remark
  • report
  • rule
  • speak
  • talk
  • touch
  • vote
  • write
  • hold forth
  • report back
  • sound off
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