V over n

Structure II: Verb with Adjunct

V over n
 Verb groupovernoun group
A slight smileflickeredoverhis face.
Sheer walls of limestonetoweredoverus.
Verbs with this structure are all concerned with movement, position, or extent, either physical or metaphorical. The prepositional phrase indicates the place, thing, or field of activity involved. With most of these verbs, the Subject is inanimate.
A discernible gloom descended over the former drill hall.
Speaking to reporters after their talks, the two foreign ministers said their talks ranged over many issues.
Soon we were skimming over the water.
Make sure trailing flexes are kept out of the way behind the furniture so you don't trip up over them.
The hair on the back of Luther's neck bristled and a wave of temper washed over him.
  • descend
  • extend
  • fall
  • flicker
  • hang
  • range
  • reign
  • skim
  • stoop
  • tower
  • trip
  • wash
  • trip up
  • Structure information: Verb with Adjunct

    The prepositional phrase is an Adjunct. This structure has no passive. There is only one phrasal verb with this structure,trip up. The pattern is V P over n.

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