V over n

Structure I: Verb with prepositional Object

Active voice: V over n
 Verb groupovernoun group/wh-clause
SubjectVerbprepositional Object
Theyarguedoverwhether to extend the deadline.
Shebroodedoverwhat had happened.
Heruledovera vast kingdom.
Passive voice: be V-ed over
 Verb groupover
SubjectVerbPrepositionAdjunct (optional)
The Councilis presidedoverby a senior judge.
Phrasal verbs: V P over n
 Verb groupParticleovernoun group
SubjectVerbprepositional Object
Verbs with this structure belong to the following meaning groups:
I.1 The 'argue' groupI.2 The 'grieve' groupI.3 The 'fuss' groupI.4 The 'pore' groupI.5 The 'dawdle' groupI.6 The 'back down' groupI.7 The 'skate' groupI.8 The 'prevail' groupI.9 Verbs with other meaningsStructure information: Verb with prepositional Object

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