V that

Verbs with other meanings

There are a number of other verbs which have this pattern.
He is gambling that a recovering economy will swell the government's coffers.
The notion of self-sacrifice is a nonsense. It presupposes that we can give to others something which we do not have ourselves.
Anastasia pretended she hadn't heard his question.
Federal law requires that consumers be informed whenever an investigative report is ordered.
In the case of get out and remain, the that-clause is really part of the pattern of the noun that comes before the verb.
When word got out that we had spent nearly $1.6 million on a single sixty-second commercial, irate shareholders began firing off letters.
The fact remains that you can produce steel much more cheaply here than you can in Germany or the rest of the European Community.
  • gamble
  • presume
  • presuppose
  • pretend
  • remain
  • require
  • get out
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