V that

The 'add' group

These verbs indicate the relationship of something that is said or written to something else that has been said or written. This includes:
    saying something after you have said something else e.g. add, repeat
    saying something after someone else has said something e.g. interject, reply
He said the air campaign will continue and might, in fact, intensify, but he added that other forces will probably be brought in to supplement the air campaign.
The opponents of this view countered that the unwillingness to carry out strategic attacks would weaken deterrence by showing a lack of resolve.
I said: 'What a lovely morning,' and he replied that it would be very hot later.
  • add
  • agree
  • answer
  • concur
  • confirm
  • counter
  • disagree
  • dispute
  • interject
  • object
  • reaffirm
  • reiterate
  • rejoin
  • repeat
  • reply
  • respond
  • retort
  • verify
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