V that

The 'discover' group

These verbs are concerned with coming to know or think something. We include here verbs which indicate that someone remembers something they had forgotten or not thought about for some time.
We soon discovered that almost everything we had hidden had been found, and either carried off or wantonly destroyed.
My boyfriend left me as soon as he found out I was pregnant.
I noticed that a pane of glass was missing.
Suddenly she realized that the only people she could ask were in Granville.
Rigid with fear, Jessica remembered that the window was open.
Oh, I see you've already started.
  • ascertain
  • calculate
  • conclude
  • decide
  • deduce
  • determine
  • discern
  • discover
  • divine
  • establish
  • find
  • gather
  • guess
  • hear
  • infer
  • intuit
  • learn
  • note
  • notice
  • observe
  • perceive
  • read
  • realize
  • recall
  • recognize
  • recollect
  • register
  • remember
  • see
  • sense
  • suss
  • (can) tell
  • twig
  • figure out
  • find out
  • work out
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