V way prep/adv

The 'laugh' group

These verbs, when used with way, indicate that someone gets somewhere or gets through a period of time while making a sound or putting on an expression, or while doing something involuntarily. This includes:
    laughing and smiling e.g. grin, smile
    crying e.g. sob, weep
    showing feeling in some other way e.g. blush, shiver
His favourite expression is: 'There are two ways to die: you can laugh your way to the grave or cry yourself there'.
The procession panted its way up the steep hillside.
Britain is set to shiver its way through one of the coldest winters this century.
  • blush
  • chortle
  • chuckle
  • cry
  • gasp
  • giggle
  • grin
  • guffaw
  • laugh
  • pant
  • pout
  • puff
  • shiver
  • shrug
  • shudder
  • sleep
  • smile
  • snore
  • sob
  • sulk
  • titter
  • tut
  • twitch
  • weep
  • yawn
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