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Determiners are words that make the reference of nouns more specific. If I say ‘this car’ it is clear that I mean a particular car which is near me. If I change it to ‘my car’ I am saying something quite specific about ownership.Determiners can be divided into several kinds according to:
  • their meaning.

  • what they may go with and where they may come in the noun phrase.
There are eight classes of determiner:
  • A man came into the shop.
  • An honest person would return the car to the owner.
  • The dog chased the rabbit.
  • This book is better than that one.
  • These apples are redder than those ones.
  • I gave my share to her sister.
  • Shona found his book in her car.
  • the quantifiers some, any, enough, no, all, both, half, double, several, much, many, more, most, few, fewer, fewest, a few, little (meaning not much), less, least, a little. See Quantifiers and Numbers.
  • I’ve got some coffee but I haven’t got any sugar.
  • Have you got much money on you?
  • There were no witnesses to the accident.
  • Both girls saw the attack.
  • Few people know the answer to that.
  • The safety net gives little help to those who need it most.
  • the numbers, cardinal (one, two, three…), and ordinal (first, second, third…). See Numbers.
  • There’s one thing I need to ask you.
  • The two boys grew up together in Manhattan.
  • Three men were found hiding in the building.
  • Their second child is due in October.
  • She lost in the third round of the tournament.
  • the distributives each, every, either, neither. See Distributives.
  • Each child received a book.
  • Every girl was given a number to wear.
  • Either book should help you with the problem.
  • What nonsense!
  • What a shame!
  • They make such a fuss over small things!
Generally, a noun phrase has only one determiner in it, or none at all. See Determiners. A few determiners, e.g. all, both, and the numbers, can be used together with another determiner. See Determiners.

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