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Using adjectives - Easy Learning Grammar Italian

  • You use adjectives like nice, expensive and good to say something about nouns (living beings, things or ideas). You can also use them with words such as you,
    and they. You can use them immediately in front of a noun, or after verbs like be, look and feel.
  • a nice girl
  • an expensive coat
  • a good idea
  • He’s nice.
  • They look expensive.
  • For more information on Nouns, see Nouns.
  • In English, adjectives don’t change according to the noun they go with.
  • a nice boy
  • nice girls
  • In Italian you have to ask:
  • Is the noun masculine or feminine?
  • Is it singular or plural?
  • You then choose the adjective ending accordingly. This is called making the adjective agree.
un ragazzo altoa tall boy
una ragazza altaa tall girl
ragazzi altitall boys
ragazze altetall girls
  • In English you put adjectives IN FRONT OF the noun you’re describing, but in Italian you usually put them AFTER it.
una casa biancaa white house
  • For more information on Word order with adjectives, see Adjectives.

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