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In English we have conjunctions which are made up of two parts (both … and, neither … nor). Spanish also has conjunctions which have more than one part, the commonest of which are probably ni ... ni (meaning neither ... nor) and o ... o (meaning either ... or):
  • ni … ni       neither … nor
Ni Carlos ni Sofía vinieron. or
No vinieron ni Carlos ni Sofía.
Neither Carlos nor Sofía came.
  • Note that if you’re putting ni ... ni after the verb you must put no before the verb.
No tengo ni hermanos ni hermanas.I have neither brothers nor sisters.
  • o … o       either … or
Puedes tomar o helado o yogur.You can have either ice cream or yoghurt.
Key points
  • y, o, pero, porque and si are the most common conjunctions that you need to know in Spanish.
  • Use e rather than y before words beginning with i or hi (but not with hie).
  • Use u rather than o before words beginning with o or ho.
  • que very often means that. That is often missed out in English, but que can never be left out in Spanish.
  • Some conjunctions such as ni … ni and o … o consist of two parts.

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