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What are the present tenses?
The present tenses are the verb forms that are used to talk about what is true at the moment, what happens regularly and what is happening now; for example, I’m a student; I travel to college by train; I’m studying languages.
  • In English, there are two tenses you can use to talk about the present:
  • the present simple tense
I live here.They get up early.
  • the present continuous tense
He is eating an apple.You aren’t working very hard.
  • In Spanish, there is also a present simple and a present continuous tense. As in English, the present simple in Spanish is used to talk about:
  • things that are generally true
En invierno hace frío.It’s cold in winter.
  • things that are true at the moment
Carlos no come carne.Carlos doesn’t eat meat.
  • things that happen at intervals
A menudo vamos al cine.We often go to the cinema.
  • The present continuous tense in Spanish is used to talk about things that are happening right now or at the time of writing:
Marta está viendo la televisión.Marta is watching television.
  • However, there are times where the use of the present tenses in the two languages is not exactly the same.

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