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  • Prepositions are used in front of nouns and pronouns (such as people, the man, me, him and so on), and show the relationship between the noun or pronoun and the rest of the sentence. Although prepositions can be used before verb forms ending in -ing in English, in Spanish, they’re followed by the infinitive – the form of the verb ending in -ar, -er, or -ir.
Le enseñé el billete a la revisora.I showed my ticket to the ticket inspector.
Ven con nosotros.Come with us.
Sirve para limpiar zapatos.It’s for cleaning shoes.
  • For more information on Nouns, Pronouns and Infinitives, see .
  • Prepositions are also used after certain adjectives and verbs and link them to the rest of the sentence.
Estoy muy contento con tu trabajo.I’m very happy with your work.
Estamos hartos de repetirlo.We’re fed up with repeating it.
¿Te gusta jugar al fútbol?Do you like playing football?
  • As in English, Spanish prepositions can be made up of several words instead of just one.
delante dein front of
antes debefore
  • In English we can end a sentence with a preposition such as for, with or into, even though some people think this is not good grammar. You can NEVER end a Spanish sentence with a preposition.
¿Para qué es?What’s it for?
la chica con la que hablastethe girl you spoke to
TipThe choice of preposition in Spanish is not always what we might expect, coming from English. It is often difficult to give just one English equivalent for a particular Spanish preposition, since prepositions are used so differently in the two languages. This means that you need to learn how they are used and look up set phrases involving prepositions (such as to be fond of somebody or dressed in white) in a dictionary in order to find an equivalent expression in Spanish.

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