adj N

Nouns used with descriptive adjectives
The glamour of the previous night's ball was put aside with guests choosing more casual attire for the morning event.
If your clothes are in very good condition, you can sell them through Good As New shops.
Embarrassed, he slung her over his shoulder and made a hasty exit.
Liz gave him a sharp look.
The panel awarded it fairly low marks on all counts, including, despite its bargain price, value for money.
I don't have a high opinion of my own work.
But his suggestion has been given a cool reception by NATO leaders.
When its larger Sierra model was launched in 1982, its aerodynamic styling was heavily criticised for being too radical.
I had a great time, I really enjoyed myself out there.
She had heard the creak of his heavy tread as he moved around the bedroom, but now there was silence.
  • addition (welcome)
  • attire (colourful)
  • billing (top)
  • bit (the best)
  • brim (wide)
  • calm (dead)
  • campaigner (seasoned)
  • carapace (protective)
  • circumstances (happier)
  • circumstances (terrible)
  • condition (good/bad)
  • conditions (ideal)
  • conduct (unprofessional)
  • conscience (guilty/clear)
  • consequences (serious)
  • construction (robust)
  • death (horrible)
  • end (violent)
  • ending (happy)
  • environment (safe)
  • existence (miserable)
  • exit (hasty)
  • face (acceptable/ugly)
  • fix (quick)
  • footwork (nifty)
  • form (good/poor)
  • garb (colourful)
  • goodbye (final)
  • grade (good)
  • grasp (firm)
  • grave (early)
  • ground (fertile)
  • happening (strange)
  • haunt (popular)
  • hint (helpful)
  • influence (good/bad)
  • labour (skilled)
  • lapse (momentary)
  • legacy (enduring)
  • lifestyle (healthy)
  • line (hard)
  • living (healthy)
  • look (blank/sharp)
  • mark (good)
  • marks (top/low)
  • memory (happy)
  • mind (great)
  • neckline (plunging)
  • offer (special)
  • operation (big)
  • opinion (high/low)
  • patch (damp)
  • picture (true)
  • pointer (useful)
  • position (difficult)
  • position (moderate)
  • posture (defensive)
  • rank (high/low)
  • reaction (strong)
  • reception (cool)
  • record (good)
  • relationship (friendly)
  • reputation (good)
  • self-image (positive/poor)
  • send-off (good)
  • sheen (silvery)
  • signing (new)
  • situation (hopeless)
  • sound (unique)
  • stance (neutral)
  • stance (relaxed)
  • state (awful)
  • stream (steady)
  • styling (sleek)
  • survey (brief)
  • thing
  • tidings (glad/bad)
  • time (good)
  • tool (powerful)
  • track record (good)
  • trajectory (upward)
  • tread (heavy)
  • turn (new)
  • view (interesting)
  • write-up (good)
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