ADJ on n

The 'vague' group

These adjectives indicate that someone does not have strong or unchanging views about something, or does not say clearly what they think or know. We include here reticent and silent, which indicate that someone does not talk about something.
The chairman of the BBC has assured us, and has said in vigorous terms, that the BBC is not neutral on this point.
The president has so far been largely silent on the question of how to stop hackers and cyberspies.
I wondered why I hadn't met him before but Jonathan was a bit vague on the subject.
The preposition on is sometimes followed by a wh-clause.
The White House was silent on when a military conflict could break out.
  • ambiguous
  • cagey
  • cautious
  • coy
  • flexible
  • neutral
  • reticent
  • silent
  • unclear
  • undecided
  • vague
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