ADJ to-inf

The 'right' group

These adjectives indicate that an action is good or bad, or right or wrong, in some way. The Subject is usually a human being.
This use is productive: any adjective that indicates an opinion of a person or what they do can be used in this pattern.
You are right to say we are dealing with people who are feeling emotional.
I wasn't stupid to go there, and I knew what I was doing.
These adjectives are often used with would to say whether or not someone should do something.
I think you would be foolish to turn down an opportunity like this.
They would be sensible to say 'yes', but probably won't.
  • bonkers
  • brave
  • clever
  • correct
  • crazy
  • daft
  • foolish
  • ill-advised
  • insane
  • irresponsible
  • mad
  • naive
  • rash
  • right
  • selfish
  • sensible
  • silly
  • smart
  • stupid
  • unwise
  • well-advised
  • wise
  • wrong
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