Combining forms

The '-behaved' group

These combining forms combine with a range of other words:
    with adverbs: -behaved, -educated, -minded, -sexed
    with nouns: -brained, -like, -minded
    with adjectives: -hearted, -mannered, -minded, -mouthed, -spirited
    with nouns and adverbs: -conscious
    with adverbs and adjectives: -spoken
The adjectives formed indicate something about a person's character, mind, or behaviour.
These boys were very happy, pleasant, well-behaved children.
The bison is the ideal meat animal for the health-conscious and conservation-minded carnivorous consumer.
So it's sure to be a spectacle to delight the senses - over 140 pipe bands, 600 nimble-footed dancers, athletics, and a great shinty tournament.
I feel my loyalty is to this lad that I've known since I've got here. Because he is very good-hearted.
What was an instant detraction was the amount of loud-mouthed teenage children openly drinking alcohol and swearing at the top of their voices.
  • -behaved (graded)
  • -brained (graded)
  • -conscious (graded)
  • -educated (graded)
  • -footed
  • -hearted (graded)
  • -like (graded)
  • -mannered (graded)
  • -minded (graded)
  • -mouthed (graded)
  • -sexed (graded)
  • -spirited (graded)
  • -spoken (graded)
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