Comparative adjectives

Function 3: Describing change

Another function of comparatives is to describe change. There is only one person or thing implied in this comparison.
The comparative in this function is sometimes found with verbs such as find, get, make and render in the pattern V n adj.
The situation is made even more complex by the development of a moral sensibility.
But Agee's tough style actually appeared to get Pollard more nervous and made him talk more.
The result of this much better understanding of economic events is that such work will make economics softer, more empirical, more experimental; and therefore less theoretical, less analytical.
Anything that empowers people, making them stronger and more combative, has got to be a good thing.
The comparative is sometimes found with verbs such as become, get, and grow. The adjective may occur with a noun, in the pattern V n, or by itself, in the pattern V adj.
Some types of cancer are becoming more common.
The voice grew louder, more insistent, calling her name over and over again.
The marathon became an altogether more serious event.
The comparative itself is sometimes repeated. If it ends in -er, the whole comparative is repeated. If it involves more, just the word more is repeated. The two words are linked with and.
'When politicians talk about restructuring the farming industry, they invariably mean creating bigger and bigger farms as part of a national or multi-national agribusiness', he said.
Friendship between men and women is becoming more and more common, and is its own special delight.
Imagine that you stroll around this garden, feeling more at peace, more and more tranquil.
Alternatively, the adverb ever or increasingly is used before the comparative adjective.
Employers and employees alike will find the burden of paying so much of their income to the health industry ever more intolerable.
He knew that his espionage in Washington was becoming increasingly more dangerous.

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