det ADJ n

Other related patterns

a ADJ amount

The adjective is followed by a noun, or a number and a noun, which indicates an amount. The noun group begins with a or an.
Most of the adjectives with this pattern indicate that an amount is small or insignificant.
When he came back a bare two hours later, his genial expression was no longer there.
Talks broke down on September 2 after employers offered a derisory 4% in response to the union demand for a 40% rise.
The layer of topsoil is thin - a scant two inches deep - and the rocks are many.
  • bare
  • derisory
  • measly
  • mere
  • miserable
  • paltry
  • scant
  • trifling
  • There are three other adjectives which usually have this pattern.
    An estimated thirty thousand people gathered in the city centre and disturbances broke out when several thousand then marched towards City Hall.
    Not surprisingly, T-shirts continue to represent a whopping 80 percent of all merchandise sales.
  • estimated
  • full
  • whopping
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