Introductory it as Object

5.1 V it adj that

The verb is followed by it, an adjective group, and a that-clause.
Most of the verbs with this pattern are concerned with how someone evaluates or judges a situation.
She had been a respectable woman up to that date, and no one had believed it possible that she would try to rob a bank.
We consider it essential that methods of teaching beginning readers should be enjoyable and rewarding for them.
I find it remarkable that my lad seems unaffected by the insecurity he's lived with for most of his life.
Having been fortunate enough to see his immaculate garden, I think it highly unlikely that he shares my relaxed approach to weeds.
The passive pattern is it be V-ed adj that, where it is the Subject of the clause.
It is considered unlikely that any of the Cabinet changes will represent any major changes in policy.
  • believe
  • consider
  • deem
  • feel
  • find
  • imagine
  • think
  • There is one other verb with this pattern, make. The most frequent adjective that occurs with make is clear.
    From the very beginning he had made it clear that he did not have marriage in mind.
    The passive pattern is it be V-ed adj that, where it is the Subject of the clause.
    It was made clear that there was no place for superstition in the new society.
  • make
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