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The 'ludicrous' group

These adjectives indicate that an activity is judged to be unwise or unacceptable. The activity is indicated by the to-infinitive clause, and the person or group responsible for the activity is indicated by the noun group following for. If the to-infinitive clause is passive, the noun group following for indicates the person or group affected by the activity.
It is illegal for a hospital to reveal hospital records.
It is illogical for the Government to be blamed for a drought.
It would be ludicrous for him to travel economy or stay in a third-rate hotel.
It's outrageous for people to play politics in a situation in which our cities are burning.
I think it is wrong for anybody to say 'You will teach in this way'.
In most cases, the judgement that something is illegal, ludicrous, wrong, and so on, is made by the speaker or writer. In some cases, however, the noun group following for indicates the person who makes the judgement. The adjectives insulting, offensive, and shameful are sometimes used in this way, and the adjectives disappointing, painful, tempting, and terrible are usually used in this way.
It was disappointing for Toby not to see a tractor.
It was painful for Joni to confess that she had only herself to blame.
  • absurd
  • bad
  • costly
  • counterproductive
  • foolish
  • futile
  • hypocritical
  • illegal
  • illogical
  • immoral
  • impermissible
  • improper
  • inappropriate
  • insulting
  • irresponsible
  • ludicrous
  • offensive
  • outrageous
  • pointless
  • ridiculous
  • shameful
  • stupid
  • unacceptable
  • unconstitutional
  • unethical
  • unhealthy
  • unjust
  • unlawful
  • unrealistic
  • unreasonable
  • unwise
  • useless
  • wrong
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