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The 'nice' group

These adjectives indicate that an activity or situation is judged to be advisable or beneficial. The activity or situation is indicated by the to-infinitive clause, and the person or group responsible for it is normally indicated by the noun group following for. If the to-infinitive clause is passive, the noun group following for indicates the person or thing affected by the activity or situation.
Eventually it became acceptable for blokes to have their hair done at a hairdresser.
No one believes that it is legitimate for women to go around stabbing men, but without understanding the appalling circumstances in which these things happen, we cannot easily make a judgment.
'I think it would be nice for everybody to have a Porsche,' she said, dead serious.
While it would be preferable for all airports to be situated away from residential areas, obviously this is not always possible.
It would be quite understandable for him to feel you were sticking with him only from a sense of duty.
In the case of good and great, the noun group following for sometimes indicates a thing which benefits from the activity or situation indicated by the to-infinitive clause. The speaker or writer is responsible for the activity or situation.
I've decided it is better for my career to be there full time.
They kept telling me it was great for publicity to have pictures of me in my collar and tie strumming my little banjo.
In most cases, the judgement that something is acceptable, good, great, and so on, is made by the speaker or writer. In some cases, however, the noun group following for indicates the person who is considered to be making the judgement. The adjectives gratifying, great, interesting, lovely, nice, okay, satisfying, and worthwhile are often used in this way.
It must have been gratifying for you to discover after all that your father had been a hero.
I think it's probably interesting for you to know how I came to writing.
  • acceptable
  • advisable
  • appropriate
  • cheaper
  • constitutional
  • convenient
  • correct
  • ethical
  • excellent
  • fair
  • fashionable
  • feasible
  • fine
  • good
  • gratifying
  • great
  • healthy
  • helpful
  • interesting
  • legal
  • legitimate
  • logical
  • lovely
  • nice
  • okay
  • permissible
  • preferable
  • profitable
  • proper
  • rational
  • reasonable
  • right
  • satisfying
  • sensible
  • tremendous
  • understandable
  • useful
  • wise
  • worthwhile
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