it v-link det N to-inf

The 'struggle' group

These nouns are used to indicate that something is difficult or easy.
It's a tremendous challenge to try and face both of those issues at the same time, but we can do it.
It was sometimes a struggle to get out of bed in the morning.
Decision, matter, and task are always preceded by an adjective.
It was a tough decision to leave such a promising player out of the team.
It would then be a simple matter to identify which asteroids are likely to hit the Earth, and when.
Matter and problem are sometimes used with the determiner no.
It was no problem to figure out that Mr Grayson was, in fact, Oliver Hazard Perry Weston.
  • battle
  • challenge
  • decision
  • effort
  • job
  • matter
  • nightmare
  • problem
  • struggle
  • task
  • Challenge, decision, effort, matter, problem, and struggle are sometimes followed by a prepositional phrase beginning with for. This pattern is it v-link det N for n to-inf.
    It was an effort for him to talk.

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