N as n

The 'performance' group

These nouns are concerned with how someone or something has performed or may perform in a particular role.
As harshly as they criticize her performance as president, most people say they still like her as a person.
Atherton's record as England captain included seven wins from 29 Test matches.
The nouns failure and success are used in two ways. They are used in the pattern v-link a N as n to indicate someone or something that fails or succeeds.
I knew I could be a success as a fighter and a human being.
They are also used in the pattern poss N as n to refer to the fact that someone or something fails or succeeds.
Brand knows that her success as a female stand-up comedian is unusual.
  • failure
  • performance
  • potential
  • record
  • success
  • In the case of those nouns that have the pattern poss N as n, the possessive may occur as a prepositional phrase beginning with of that comes after the noun and before the preposition as. This pattern is N of n as n.
    We need more research and reports on the failure of men as fathers and housekeepers and on the growing burdens imposed on working mothers.

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