N for n

Other related patterns

N for n to-inf

The noun is followed by a prepositional phrase beginning with for, and a to-infinitive clause.
 Nounfornoun groupto-infinitive clause
theirappealformore aircraftto be donated
achanceforBritish audiencesto see his work
 roomforthe puddingto expand
Nouns with this pattern belong to the following meaning groups:

The 'request' group

These nouns refer to requests or demands that something be done.
He conceded mistakes, but firmly rejected calls for him to resign in the interest of stability.
Their request for him to see an outside doctor was refused.
  • appeal
  • call
  • demand
  • plea
  • pressure
  • request
  • The 'chance' group

    These nouns refer to an opportunity or ability to do something.
    This is a great chance for me to get my career back on the right track.
    Brigadier Roddy agreed and gave permission for me to leave.
  • chance
  • opportunity
  • permission
  • potential
  • right
  • scope
  • The 'room' group

    These nouns refer to what is needed for something to happen or be done.
    Many years later I realised that he probably didn't have the money for us to eat until he was paid.
    Parnell moved across the cabin, John Timson standing back to make room for him to pass.
    There was no time for the pilot to give us any warning.
  • money
  • place
  • room
  • space
  • time
  • The 'reason' group

    These nouns refer to a reason to do something.
    Fortunately for Los Angeles, there is still one good reason for businesses to stay put: the strength of the rest of the local economy.
  • excuse
  • incentive
  • need
  • reason
  • Nouns with other meanings

    There are a few other nouns which have this pattern.
    The case for nurses to have a greater role in patient care is strengthened by the findings of a report published today.
    There is a growing tendency for children to return to the parental home after periods of independence.
    This is one way for young people to have fun without turning to alcohol and drugs.
  • case
  • deadline
  • plan
  • tendency
  • way
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