N from n

The 'message' group

These nouns refer to communication or information. The prepositional phrase usually indicates who is communicating. In the case of data, evidence, information, and news, the prepositional phrase may indicate something that is the source of the information.
The advice from an experienced car thief is to install an alarm.
They were acting on information from the Colombian national police.
His wife Marjorie received a letter from him last week in which he said he was being treated well.
A message from aliens 100 light years away would take 100 years to reach us.
The two sides are now considering a proposal from the United Nations on safeguarding human rights.
The video had attracted protests from civil liberty groups, MPs and police for profiting from voyeurism and encouraging blackmail.
Under the code, introduced last April, almost all public bodies and departments are obliged to answer questions from the public.
  • acknowledgement
  • advice
  • announcement
  • apology
  • appeal
  • applause
  • approach
  • assurance (usu plural)
  • bid
  • call
  • claim
  • clearance
  • comment
  • commitment
  • complaint
  • confirmation
  • criticism
  • data
  • demands
  • directive
  • email
  • evidence
  • fax
  • feedback
  • figures
  • guarantee
  • hint
  • information
  • inquiry
  • instructions
  • invitation
  • leak
  • letter
  • message
  • news
  • note
  • objection
  • offer
  • order (usu plural)
  • ovation
  • permission
  • plea
  • postcard
  • pressure
  • proposal
  • protest (usu plural)
  • question
  • reassurance
  • rebuff
  • rebuke
  • recommendation
  • reply
  • report
  • representations
  • request
  • response
  • signal
  • statement
  • suggestion
  • summons
  • telegram
  • text
  • warning
  • word
  • Nouns which have this pattern and the pattern N for n (see Section 32) also have the pattern N from n for n.
    There has been no public apology from the group for the time wasted and the trouble caused.
    I have already turned down an offer from Manchester City for the player.
    Nouns which have this pattern and the pattern N to-inf (see Section 21) also have the pattern N from n to-inf.
    I had instructions from Washington to block any such initiative, and I faithfully did so for over a year.
    I had to get special permission from the police to import the acid from Germany.
    The King had rejected a request from the authorities to delay his return until after next month's elections.
    Note that call has the two patterns mentioned above, but rarely has the simple pattern N from n.
    The moves follow calls from a growing number of senior police officers for a new national tier of detectives.
    There have again been calls from the left to postpone these elections.
    Nouns which have the pattern N from n and the pattern N that (see Section 20) also have the pattern N from n that.
    I have accepted in principle a proposal from your father that we meet in Paris in ten days' time.
    There has been no suggestion from the security forces that either of the men was armed.

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