N in n

The 'increase' and 'decrease' group

These nouns refer to an increase, decrease, or change.
I'm not worried about this decline in sales over such a relatively short period.
The fall in unemployment, he says, has slowed significantly since the beginning of the year.
The statistics pointed to an increase in crime in the downtown districts.
I kept hoping that the next month, the next year, would see an upturn in my fortunes.
  • acceleration
  • adjustment
  • advance
  • alteration
  • boom
  • bulge
  • change
  • collapse
  • cut
  • cutback
  • decline
  • decrease
  • dent
  • deterioration
  • diminution
  • dip
  • downturn
  • drop
  • explosion
  • fall
  • falling-off
  • flare-up
  • fluctuation
  • gain
  • growth
  • improvement
  • increase
  • increment
  • innovation
  • jump
  • leap
  • lessening
  • moderation
  • pick-up
  • reduction
  • relaxation
  • resurgence
  • reversal
  • rise
  • shake-up
  • shift
  • slip
  • slowdown
  • slump
  • surge
  • transformation
  • trend
  • turn
  • turnabout
  • turnaround
  • upsurge
  • upswing
  • upturn
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