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The 'addiction' group

These nouns refer to mental or physical states or conditions, usually negative ones. In some cases the first noun indicates the part of the body which is affected by the complaint, for example lung cancer is sited in the lungs. In other cases the first noun gives more information about the problem, for example sleep disturbance and fainting fit.
Martinez said he tries to help fellow homeless people whenever he can, but that widespread drug and alcohol addiction often make that a daunting task.
Sleep deprivation is the worst problem and difficult to cope with if you have a baby who is unable to sleep through the night.
She has eye infections and she has really painful back and neck ache.
The canal mania of the late 18th century produced some amazingly bizarre and impractical schemes.
Keep the hunger pangs at bay with chocolate snacks and muesli bars which can be easily carried.
He fell ill overnight with a stomach upset.
  • ache
  • addiction
  • attack
  • bug
  • cancer
  • complaint (skin)
  • condition (heart)
  • defect (speech)
  • deficiency (vitamin)
  • dependence (drug)
  • dependency (drug)
  • deprivation (sleep)
  • disorder
  • disturbance
  • fetish
  • fit (coughing)
  • habit (cocaine)
  • infection
  • mania
  • overload (information)
  • pang
  • poisoning (food)
  • strain
  • syndrome (Gulf War)
  • trouble (back)
  • upset (stomach)
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