N of n

The 'stage' group

The noun refers to an aspect or part of something abstract. Note that many of these nouns also have a concrete meaning, and therefore appear in the lists for the previous group.
Every aspect of his life remains clouded with mystery.
Those first airmail notes from India formed the basis of her first 1978 BBC television series.
Overall, this is an excellent and timely book which makes a major contribution to this branch of science.
'Most of those accused of crime are from the lower end of the social spectrum,' he said.
It is young men who die, young men in the flower of their years.
Reform of state pensions is at the heart of Italy's attempts to cut its enormous public sector debt.
The family is the nucleus of the Islamic society and marriage is the only way to bring about such an institution.
He became Chancellor. It was the peak of his political life.
Obedience by women towards men is a remnant of religious teaching.
This is currently the fastest-growing segment of the personal computer industry.
We want to sign you now for more money and a longer contract than you would normally get at this stage of your career.
If I remain a lecturer here, I soon will reach the top of my salary scale.
  • ABC
  • area
  • arm
  • aspect
  • basics
  • basis
  • bottom
  • boundaries
  • branch
  • brink
  • climax
  • core
  • edge
  • element
  • end
  • eve
  • fabric
  • flower
  • forefront
  • frontiers
  • germ (of an idea)
  • guts (of a subject)
  • heart
  • highlight
  • ingredient
  • jaws
  • leg (of a journey)
  • mainstream
  • middle
  • movement (of a symphony)
  • nucleus
  • part
  • peak
  • remnant
  • seeds (of doubt)
  • segment
  • stage
  • staple
  • subsidiary
  • substance
  • top
  • turn (of the century)
  • wing
  • wreckage
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