N on n

The 'talk' group

These nouns refer to speech or information.
An announcement on a replacement for Mr O'Connell is not expected before the end of the year.
I would welcome any comments on the book, which should be sent to me care of the publisher.
Vic Rampling gave an informative talk on the food value of wild plants.
With most of these nouns, the preposition on is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause or a wh-clause.
However, the UN Security Council's first discussions on enforcing these sanctions are to start tomorrow.
Please turn to page 198 for more information on how to enter and the competition rules.
Low-down is always preceded by the determiner the.
Now we want you to give us the low-down on your team-mates.
  • advice
  • announcement
  • comment
  • consultation
  • data
  • debate
  • declaration
  • deliberations
  • details
  • dirt
  • discussion
  • dossier
  • file
  • gen
  • guidance
  • hint (usu plural)
  • information
  • lecture
  • low-down
  • meditation
  • musing (usu plural)
  • observation
  • proposal
  • question
  • referendum
  • reflections
  • ruling
  • run-down
  • sidelight
  • speech
  • statement
  • stricture
  • suggestion
  • talk
  • tip
  • vote
  • word
  • There are also three nouns which refer to someone who speaks about a subject on behalf of an organization.
    The Liberal Democrat spokesman on employment argued that the Secretary of State had no reason to feel encouraged.
  • spokesman
  • spokesperson
  • spokeswoman
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