N to n

The 'posting' group

These nouns refer to the fact that someone is sent somewhere.
He now faces possible extradition to the United States, where he is wanted on charges of fraud and perjury.
Emmott's big break was a posting to Tokyo in the 1980s.
He is currently on secondment to the Defence Department's strategy and intelligence branch.
  • assignment
  • deportation
  • extradition
  • posting
  • referral
  • scholarship
  • secondment
  • transfer
  • There are also a few nouns which refer to the fact that something is sent somewhere.
    Police followed the signal and found seven vehicles in crates on the dockside at Tilbury, awaiting shipment to Nigeria.
  • delivery
  • dispatch
  • shipment
  • There are also several nouns which refer to a person who is sent somewhere.
    The new Peruvian ambassador to the US is under orders to brighten Peru's reputation.
  • ambassador
  • delegate
  • envoy
  • High Commissioner
  • representative
  • There are also two nouns which refer to things that are sent somewhere.
    Exports to Europe accounted for a third of that total.
  • exports
  • shipment
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