N with n

The 'fight' group

These nouns refer to a fight, argument, contest, or sports match. We include here collision course, which refers to the fact that there is likely to be conflict between people.
The Tribune group was forced to warn the Government it was heading for a serious clash with the Labour movement throughout the country.
Britain is on a collision course with its European partners over the UK's contributions.
His long-standing feud with Barbra Streisand resulted in two court actions so far.
I never had fights with my brothers and sisters.
Raquel Welch stormed out of a London Palladium TV spectacular after a row with Bob Hope.
The Russian president may be facing a showdown with his political opponents.
In the case of battle and struggle, the noun group after with may refer to a thing rather than a person.
Whitten died on Thursday evening after losing his battle with cancer.
  • altercation
  • argument
  • battle
  • bout
  • brawl
  • brush
  • bust-up
  • clash
  • collision course
  • combat
  • conflict
  • confrontation
  • contest
  • contretemps
  • differences
  • disagreement
  • dispute
  • draw
  • duel
  • feud
  • fight
  • final
  • fracas
  • friction
  • game
  • joust
  • match
  • punch-up
  • quarrel
  • replay
  • rivalry
  • row
  • run-in
  • scrap
  • scuffle
  • shouting match
  • showdown
  • skirmish
  • spat
  • squabble
  • stand-off
  • struggle
  • tie
  • tussle
  • war
  • wrangle
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