Nouns used in names

The 'Desert' group

These nouns are used in the names of geographical features or areas. They all have Pattern 1. The following nouns also have Pattern 2: Bay, Cape, Glen, Island, Isle, Isthmus, Mount, Sea, Strait, Vale, and Valley. The following nouns also have Pattern 3: Cape, Glen, Lake, Loch, Massif, and Mount. River usually has Pattern 3 in British English (e.g. the River Thames), and Pattern 1 in American English (e.g. the Colorado River).
In Brazil, the eastern Amazon Basin has been unusually dry for the past four months.
He lived then in a small cottage on the side of Wimbledon Common.
The disappearance of Arafat's plane in the Sahara Desert created speculation across the world about who would lead the PLO if he died.
Here one can look up to the top of Richmond Hill, which is reached towards the end of this walk.
He said he wanted to spend more time with his wife and three children at their home on the Isle of Man.
He will be based at a luxury hotel on the shores of the beautiful Loch Lomond.
The Italian police say the lava from Mount Etna has engulfed a house a few hundred yards from the village on the eastern slope of the mountain.
Another alternative might be a cruise through the Rhine Valley in Germany, or a walking holiday in the French Alps.
  • Basin
  • Bay
  • Canyon
  • Cape
  • Common
  • Cove
  • Desert
  • Downs
  • Embankment
  • Estuary
  • Falls
  • Fault
  • Fjord
  • Glen
  • Gulch
  • Hill
  • Island
  • Isle
  • Isthmus
  • Lake
  • Loch
  • Massif
  • Mount
  • Ocean
  • Pass
  • Peninsula
  • River
  • Sea
  • Strait
  • Tarn
  • Vale
  • Valley
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