Nouns used in names

The 'House' group

These nouns are used as part of the names of buildings, building complexes, or man-made structures. They all have Pattern 1. Castle, Gallery, Museum, Palace, and Tower also have Pattern 2, and Castle and Fort also have Pattern 3.
The Princess of Wales arrived at Heathrow Airport, London, this evening from the United States of America.
BBC Good Food staged the first ever celebration of great cooking at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.
He was jailed for six years at Maidstone Crown Court for 20 offences, including armed robberies.
The West Highlands Line proper runs between Glasgow and Fort William, with two trains daily.
Albert Patrick bought Edgbaston Garage Ltd. at Selly Oak and his son ran the garage for him.
Basic funding for Alpha House comes from local and central government but the rest has to be raised charitably.
They stayed at the Cypress Inn, a simple motel next to a shopping centre.
Hospital patients were still treated here, instead of being referred 15 miles away to the new hi-tec place in Redwood New Town.
In the Great Stink of 1858, the smell at the Palace of Westminster was so unbearable that its windows had to be draped with curtains soaked in lime solution.
He had been given 24-hour compassionate leave from the Maze Prison, where he was serving a 14-year sentence.
The Gate Theatre staged the British premiere of Democracy by Joseph Brodsky.
  • Aerodrome
  • Airport
  • Barracks
  • Bowl
  • Bridge
  • Castle
  • Centre
  • Club
  • Cottage
  • Crown Court
  • Estate
  • Exchange
  • Farm
  • Forge
  • Fort
  • Gallery
  • Garage
  • Hall
  • Harbour
  • Hospice
  • Hospital
  • House
  • Infirmary
  • Inn
  • Leisure Centre
  • Manor
  • Mansions
  • Museum
  • National Park
  • New Town
  • Opera House
  • Palace
  • Pier
  • Police Station
  • Priory
  • Prison
  • Stadium
  • Tavern
  • Tea Room
  • Tea Shop
  • Theatre
  • Tower
  • Trading Estate
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