on N

The 'request' group

These nouns refer to actions after which, or as a result of which, something happens or is done.
Now it has been announced that he's giving up public performances on the advice of his doctor.
Nearly half of all death sentences are overturned on appeal.
On his arrival, he said Moscow wanted an honest dialogue with Lithuania.
He said it appeared the aircraft had exploded on impact.
A long low table turns out on closer inspection to be a large mirror set on bricks.
A list of the winners' names is available on request at the address below.
With most of these nouns, upon is sometimes used instead of on.
Your order will be processed immediately upon receipt.
  • on appeal
  • on application
  • on arrival
  • on command
  • on completion (of ...)
  • on contact
  • on demand
  • on departure
  • on impact
  • on (...) inspection
  • on instructions from ...
  • on receipt (of ...)
  • on request
  • on sight
  • on my advice /on the advice of ...
  • on my instructions /on the instructions of ...
  • on my orders /on the orders of ...
  • on my arrival
  • on his death
  • on my return
  • on the completion of ...
  • on ... acquaintance
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