on N

The 'premises' group

These nouns refer to places. This includes:
    places where sport is played e.g. court, field
    places where drama is performed e.g. set, stage
The winner is due on court shortly for his second round match.
'He was the best player on the field,' Ferguson said.
But when you live on an island you are at nature's beck and call.
The film was shot on location in Washington DC.
Everything on offer at this attractive tea house is made on the premises.
Armed police are on the scene and trained negotiators are talking to the man.
The sooner he is back on British soil the better.
On stage they were deliciously unpredictable.
  • on board
  • on campus
  • on clay
  • on court
  • on death row
  • on deck
  • on dry land
  • on earth
  • on grass
  • on land
  • on location
  • on set
  • on site
  • on stage
  • on the/my beat
  • on the coast
  • on the/my doorstep
  • on the earth
  • on the field
  • on the floor
  • on the ground
  • on the pavement
  • on the pitch
  • on the premises
  • on the quay
  • on the roof
  • on the scene
  • on the shore
  • on the sidewalk
  • on the spot
  • on the street
  • on the waterfront
  • on ... soil
  • on ... territory
  • on my deathbed
  • The following are used as normal count nouns:
  • beach
  • catwalk
  • farm
  • island
  • ward
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