poss N be that

The 'answer' group

These nouns refer to something that is written or spoken. The that-clause provides more information about it.
My advice is that we appoint someone who will uphold the traditions of the court.
Can we manage risk better? he asks, and his answer is that we cannot.
His argument is that it is essential to prevent city streets becoming congested with traffic.
My complaint is that the bank does not pay interest on the interest that has been earned in previous years.
When questioned as to why he made the calls, his excuse was that he was under stress.
We have heard reports that Francis has been over here but our information is that he has not left Canada.
Our message is that true Islam is humane and tolerant, it is not extremist.
My point is that I'm not going to change, however much she wants me to.
Its theme was that before you change other people you have to change yourself.
  • advice
  • answer
  • argument
  • case
  • claim
  • comment
  • complaint
  • contention
  • excuse
  • explanation
  • information
  • instructions
  • line
  • message
  • objection
  • point
  • prayer
  • proposal
  • recommendation
  • reply
  • response
  • rule
  • story
  • suggestion
  • theme
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