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The 'return' group

These nouns refer to movement from one place to another. With many of these nouns, the noun is usually or sometimes followed by an adverb or a prepositional phrase when used in this pattern.
Once again I must apologise for the disruption to your journey to work this morning.
Detectives from the West Midlands who had been trailing the suspect had not told their colleagues in South Yorkshire of their movements.
Although neither one of us held out much hope of ever meeting again, we corresponded regularly upon my return to England.
His travels took him to the Canary Islands and across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and back.
  • appearance
  • approach
  • arrival
  • ascent
  • comings and goings
  • departure
  • emigration
  • entrance
  • entry
  • homecoming
  • journey
  • movements
  • return
  • travels
  • voyage
  • wanderings
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